Growing up is an increasingly difficult challenge for today’s young gentleman. Pop culture endlessly paints the portrait of how the modern man should behave, dress, and spend his time. Helicopter parents have raised their sons to believe they’re winners no matter what they accomplish. And because an increasing number of young men devote their time to the latest Jersey Shore drama and less to bettering themselves, this blog has been created.

As a recent college grad, I find myself with an abundant amount of time on my hands – time I ultimately use to make myself a better person. As it did take me approximately four years of college to reach a level of self satisfaction I had never before imagined, I can only hope that this knowledge can be passed on to you, the reader. I hope to cultivate a mentality within you to never be complacent with your life, to never allow your relationships to become stagnant, and to begin embarkation upon a lifelong journey of continual self-improvement.

I’m a 22-year-old college graduate from the University of Louisville (Psychology, B.A.), currently pursing career opportunities, as well as entrepreneurial ventures.  I enjoy the finer things in life, good times with great people, and the constant journey of self-improvement and discovery.  More importantly, I enjoy helping others do the same.


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